Spring has sprung, and it felt like an eternity

My previous post talked about my desires to commit. It also talked about my issues with getting out there and actually doing it. I am attempting to recover from that episode; I’ve built up bad habits along the way…and these habits are hard to break.

So my first issue was actually taking pictures. I’ve started to get back out there, and the results are gratifying. I was right about getting out there and doing it. Well, I wasn’t so much right as much as all the professional photographers screaming at me: “DO something, don’t think about it!” With a few nitwits and such thrown in there. Gave it a real 1950’s vibe. 

My second issue was with SEO, in a way. For the uninitiated, it stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. I’ve never had to worry about this before, when all my blogs were simple in their musings. I was young(er), and I wrote the blogs for my personal diary that I didn’t care to have other people look at. No commitment, and no need to publish more than once in a blue moon. These days though, since I want to turn my artistry into an actual profession in the future, I have to worry about how I can get my website out there. I want people to see my stuff this time around, rather than thinking that someone will romantically fall upon it one day and say “Oh my, this guy is so smart!”. Man, I was a silly kid. So what’s different now, from back then?

First off, I have to update my website and often, at that. That’s the first key of SEO. The second is having quality updates to update the website with. If I have a photography website, and I’m not taking photos…might as well have a WordPress blog. No need to pay for the domain service or the website (which I do through 500px). My third difference from my younger self is that I am a new photographer, and so the reason I blog is to detail the experiences I have had. My hope is that through my experiences, someone else might be able to discover important aspects that allow them to push through adversity. In other words, unlike my earlier blogs in which I was trying out certain perspectives, now I’m reading the professionals, I’m buying domains, and setting up Google Adwords and Analytics and all that. My hope is that this will help my website sit among photographers websites. My blog can help younger or newer photographers who face the same issues I do along.

In fact, the biggest difference between my younger self and now is that I’m trying. I do care about photography, and I love writing. If I can help someone avoid mistakes I made (or make), then why not? It will only help me practice and them move on. Win-win in my book.  

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