Dreamscape by the Collected Few

Well, hello there!

I recently had an awesome experience photographing Dreamscape, held at Artworks. It was a small event with roughly 60 people, including local artists, dance enthusiasts and community supporters! All of the guests showed up with lots of spirit and enthusiasm. The venue felt amazing, as well. The lights on the dancers really helped highlight the feel of Dreaming, and I really loved the dance set to Alan Watts speech. It was surreal.

My particularly favorite part show was the nightmare scene, where the dancers showed a darker, more contortionist side. It was intense. I was glad to have been there for all the excitement and happy to share some of that excitement with you here. Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Black and white dancer pose on gym floor Female dancer posing in the middle of a performance Group of female dancers posed in a dance Female dancer with leg suspended in the air
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